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Location: West Stockbridge, MA, USA.

Year: 2013-2017

Alexander Konstantinov in collaboration with Art Forms Architecture (USA), Ekaterina Vlasenko.

TurnPark Art Space combines a sculpture park, exhibition venues, and a stone amphitheater for outdoor performances. The landscape and the architecture of the park serve as a backdrop for its sculpture collection. Its natural terrain is divided into upper and lower levels. The design of the lower portion is reminiscent of a town park with a large area paved with marble chip and limestone, that is illuminated at night and filled with small architectural forms. To go from the lower to the upper park, visitors walk through a passage beneath the Gate House along the surface of the exposed marble bedrock. The upper park retains the character of meadows and fields with its undulating surfaces and meandering paths. The paths outline several fields, defining the large outdoor spaces that can be experienced as “rooms” or “galleries.”
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